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Prismatic Entanglements (Formerly Shades of Gray)

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Teen Aces and the “You Might Not Be Asexual Forever” Disclaimer

Teenagers and Asexuality

My Experience as a Teenage Ace

How Old Do You Have To Be To Know You’re Asexual


Let’s Talk About (A)Romantics

Aromanticism 01

An Aromantic Primer

Becoming Loveless

…And Then What?

A Comic About an Aromantic Relationship

You Might Be Aromantic If…

Handy Words for People Questioning if They’re Aromantic

Awesome Post About Aromantic People Caring About Their Sexual Partners

Queerplatonic and Aromantic Advice

The Romantic and Aromantic Orientations Subforum on AVEN

People Who Don’t Want to Fall In Love - Video

What a Poly Aromantic Relationship Looks Like

Aromantic Representation, Or Lack Thereof

Asexual Spectrum

Under the Ace Umbrella

Notes About The Asexual Spectrum

The Development of Gray-Asexuality and Demisexuality As Identity Terms

Gray/Demi People Can Do Visibility Too!

Questioning my Asexuality

Many Ways To Be Between

Fictosexuality AVEN Thread


Carnival of Aces - December: Attraction

Tackling Romance and How It Fits In with Asexuality

Attraction is like wine

Musings on the Nature of Attraction

Sexual Attraction and Sexual Desire

Aesthetic Attraction

On Romantic Attraction

Types of Attraction

Nothing Grey About This: Re-evaluating Attraction​


Asexuality and Autochorissexualism

Coming Out

Asexuals on Coming Out: Advice

Coming Out As Asexual

You Never Stop Coming Out

Me & Asexuality & Coming Out & Not Coming Out (Coming Out in Stages)

Edging Out of the Closet


On Community​

Community, Intimacy, and Responsibility


Culture (Media and Public Perception)

Starved for Recognition​

The Good Ship Canon (Asexual Fandom)

​Love and Punch (Aromantic Beauty and the Beast)

Aromantic Media Representation


Not Nothing and Other Negations



Affectionate Friends​

Asexual Pals​


​Celibate Passions

​Platonic Partners


But Without Sex, Humans Would Die Out

Boo Hoo Invisibility

What It Means To Be Ace: Building Community on Shared Experience


In Defense of Demisexuality

Categories Are Complicated: Or, What Tomatoes Have To Tell Us About Demisexuality

Demisexual - AVENwiki

I Want To Limit Your Ability To Communicate

Why Do People Keep Calling My Sexuality “Noble”?

Visualizing Demisexuality


Battling Asexual Discrimination, Sexual Violence, and “Corrective” Rape (tw:rape)

Men, Masculinity, Asexuality, and Rape (tw:rape)

The First Known Study of Prejudice Against Asexual Community

Do You Want To?

Asexuality and Victim Blaming

Asexual Oppression And All That


Asexual and Neutrois

Asexuality and Gender​

Not a Fräuleinwunder​

Asexuality and Masculinity

Aging Androgynously​

Asexuality and Genderqueer...itude

Asexuality and Trans*​


Possible Signs of Asexuality - Part 1: About You

Things That Are Not Asexuality

Asexuality Induced By Trauma Thread

The Comment Section: I’m Not A Doctor, But I Play One On The Internet

Mental Health and Interpersonal Functioning in Self-Identified Asexual Men and Women

13 Myths and Misconceptions About Asexual People: Part One​

13 Myths and Misconceptions About Asexual People: Part Two

​Things Asexuals Are Tired of Hearing

Am I Sexually Repressed?​

Identity: It's More Than Behavior and More Than Words




AVEN Feed on Dealing With Arousal

Sex, Romance, and Masturbation in the Asexual Community


Possible Signs of Asexuality - Part 3: About Others

The Afflicted Marriage and Great Compromise

Sex is Not a Necessity for a Strong and Lasting Relationship

​What's Important

An Ace's Take on Long Distance Relationships

​Relationships and Friendships


The Ace Theist's List on Religion and Asexuality

Sex (General)

Possible Signs of Asexuality - Part 2: About Sex

Curiosity, Exploration, and Self-Discovery

How to Have Sex With an Asexual Person

Asexuality & Kink

Does Voluntary Celibacy Have Its Gray Areas When It Comes to Asexuality?

Sexual Ethics As Applying to Asexuality

Let’s Have A Conversation About Compromise and Consent

Compromising Positions

Willing Consent

Asexuality and BDSM

The Ethics of Sex: Expecting Sex From Someone Who is not Sexually Attracted To You

Asexuals Who Like Sex and Why We Talk About Them

Asexual and Kinky - What?

Ace of (BDSM) Clubs


On Sex-Indifference vs. Sex Aversion & Sex Repulsion

What Aversion Means

Repulsion is Not Shaming


Sex-Positivity, Compulsory Sexuality and Intersecting Identities

No True Sex Positive Feminist

A Sexual Positivity: Asexual Positivity as Sex Positivity

Why I Identify as Sex-Positive, Despite Seeing Sex as Neutral


Writing Demisexual Character (Without Invalidating Asexuality)

Stereotypes to Avoid When Writing Asexual Characters

Character Development Questions

Words and Concepts Used in Asexual Communities

Why So Many Stories About Asexuality Hurt Asexual People

How To Show That A Character Is Asexual

Negative Responses Asexual Characters May Get When Coming Out

Plot Ideas

Potential Sources of Conflict For Asexual Characters

Sex Scenes With Asexual Characters

Stereotypes to Avoid

Lithromantic/Akoiromantic Story Prompts

Relationships I Want To See More of in Fiction

Sherlock Holmes as an Asexual Character

Issues When Writing an Ace Character